We recommend the latest browsers in using the Arlys website for a smooth shopping experience and secure checkout. Suggested browsers are:

  • Microsoft Edge (v18+)
  • Firefox (v75+)
  • Chrome (v79+)
  • Safari (OS X - v10+ / IOS v11+)
  • Android (v10+)

In addition to this, we require that cookies are left enabled and Javascript is turned on. Arlys secure checkout uses the latest 2048-bit strength encryption for online shopping and the transmission of secure data.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is written to your computer, uniquely identifying your browser so that as you shop with Arlys we can supply you with the correct information. Cookies are tiny in size and get deleted from your system after a period of time. Most sites you visit on the internet set cookies on your machine, usually without you even knowing. For example, Amazon.com the online bookstore, sets a cookie once you have joined so that they can remember things about you for the next time you visit.

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