White Feather Monoi de Tahiti Infused in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil-8 oz.
Product ID: WF034
Product Description

White Feather Monoi de Tahiti (Tahitian Gardenia Flower Infused in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) is an exquisite aromatic creamy white flower from French Polynesia. This exotic flower is known as the “Flower of Tahiti”.  (Monoi is pronounced Mah-noy).  The natural process is known as an “enfleurage” where the flowers are handpicked and macerated in pure extra virgin coconut oil for a minimum of 15 days which releases its aromatic, nourishing properties into the extra virgin coconut oil.  The botanical name of the flower is Gardenia taitensis but is also known as Tahitian gardenia or Tiaré flower, with a delicate lingering aroma.

Perfect for the skin, body and hair as it absorbs quickly.  Pamper your skin daily with its hydrating and moisturizing properties leaving the skin soft and supple.  When used for the hair, it helps penetrate the hair shaft for deep conditioning for a healthy shine.  

Note:  Do not use if allergic to nuts!

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a semi-solid and melts at 76°F, so we have packaged it in a beautiful Cobalt Blue PET Container as product can melt (stay liquid) if kept in a hot environment. It can be kept at room temperature or in the refrigerator. 

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