Nootka Tree Wood Oil (Cupressus nootkatensis)
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Product Description

Family:  Cupressaceae
Origin:  Canada
Process: Steam-distilled-Wood

Description:  Nootka Tree Wood essential oil (Cupressus nootkatensis) is also known as Alaskan Yellow Cypress/Cedar/Sitka and native to the Pacific Northwest area, especially Alaska and British Columbia.  It gets it name from the indigenous Nootka Tribe that has always revered it as a noble tree and used for many of its carvings.   Some uses for its timber is for firewood and utilized by cabinet makers and other fine woodworking projects also. This conifer can grow up to 131 feet and the trunk size six feet in diameter.

Its aroma is unique from the typical cedarwood oil.  While it has a warm-woody aroma, it also has complex citrusy aroma which would add depth to any blend.  Only a little is needed so as not to overpower a blend.  It also is known to have strong insect repellent properties.

The essential oil is steam distilled from the wood and produces a pale yellow to light orange oil. Nootka is very rich in sesquiterpenes.  The main chemical components are valencene, nootkatone, nootkatene, and carvacrol. 

Blends well with bergamot, cardamom, firs, grapefruits, juniper, lavenders, mandarin, orange, patchouli, pine, sandalwood, spruce, and vetiver.


Product Application:
Essential oils should never be applied directly on the skin without diluting properly, usually blending with a carrier oil.

Nootka Tree Wood Oil  - 2 ml. -           $10.50
Nootka Tree Wood Oil  - 5 ml. -           $15.15
Nootka Tree Wood Oil - 10 ml. -          $23.55
Nootka Tree Wood Oil - 15 ml. -          $31.95
Nootka Tree Wood Oil – 1 oz. -              $57.75

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