Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora)
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Product Description

Origin: Australia
Family: Myrtaceae
Process: Steam distilled-leaves
Safety: Do not use during pregnancy. Being a particularly powerful oil, never use undiluted on the skin, also blend in a carrier oil and it should never be used at concentrations above 1%.

Description: This oil comes from the evergreen tree of Queensland, Australia. Its fine lemony scent is due to its high citral content. Also used as a symbol of success in new store openings and weddings.

The main components are citral, neral and geraniol. The attributes of this oil are its strong germicidal power, and the high levels of citrals make it a powerful antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal agent.


Product Application:
Essential oils should never be applied directly on the skin without diluting properly, usually blending with a carrier oil.

Lemon Myrtle-5 ml. -           $13.50
Lemon Myrtle-10 ml. -         $24.75
Lemon Myrtle-15 ml. -         $36.00
Lemon Myrtle-1 oz.   -          $57.50
Lemon Myrtle-2 oz  . -          $134.25


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