Polysorbate 20
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Polysorbate 20 is what you need to dissolve essential oils into distilled water and various bases without adding alcohol. It is a water-soluble yellowish liquid. It is a non-ionic surfactant and a gentle emulsifier derived from sorbitol which comes from fruit and berries. It’s a must have to emulsify oils in water and is great for body sprays, room sprays, spritzers, linen sprays, lotions, shower gels and the like.

Combine equal amounts of Polysorbate 20 and the essential and/or fragrance oils you plan to use. Combine well, and gently add to your base (lotion, shower gel, spray etc.) while stirring. If the base has thickened noticeably or is cloudy, rather than clear, add more Polysorbate 20 as needed. You may need to add as much as 3-5 parts to 1 part essential/fragrance oil.


Polysorbate 20- 4 oz. $8.00
Polysorbate 20- 8 oz. $12.00


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