White Feather Garden of Venus Botanical Milk Bath - 8 oz.
Product ID: WF026
Product Description

White Feather® Garden of Venus™ Botanical Milk Bath is all about tranquility!

Bathe in a luxurious botanical milk bath with our blend of enriched milk powders, skin softeners and aromatic essential oils that soften and pamper dry skin. We’ve added a bit of mica powder to leave a soft shimmer on the skin. Honey powder is added as it is a natural skin cleanser and softener. Milk enriched powders keep your skin moisturized creating supple and touchable baby-soft skin.

Contains 100% Pure Essential Oils of Lavender, Blood Orange, Clary Sage, and Rosewood.

Packaged in a beautiful Cobalt Blue PET Plastic Container – 8 oz. - Includes a seashell scoop.


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