Quiet Time Chamomile and Calendula Herbal Tea Bath - Set of 2
Product ID: WF030
Product Description

Bathe in aromatic bliss!

Our gentle Arlys® Quiet Time Chamomile and Calendula Herbal Tea Bath is sure to quiet the mind and relax the body when you need it.

Blended with organic botanical Roman Chamomile and Calendula herbal flowers, orange peel powder, silk peptide powder and Roman Chamomile essential oil for your own "Quiet Time" bathing experience.

Packaged in a beautiful Sage Green Organza Pouch with two disposable 3 x 5 Bath Teas.

Directions:  Add 1 disposable tea bath to water while running a warm bath.  Relax and enjoy 15-20 minutes.  Discard tea bag after bath.

Additional uses for herbal bath teas:
Don’t have time for a full bath? Use as a foot bath;
Use as a cool or warm compress for the temples, neck area, etc.

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