White Feather Rose Geranium Botanical Milk Bath - 8 oz.
Product ID: WF033
Product Description

White Feather® Rose Geranium Botanical Milk Bath is all about creating your own bathing ritual, while un-plugging from the rest of the world.  Relish the 15-20 minutes it takes to get centered, while pampering yourself with the exquisite aroma of Rose Geranium.

Bathe in a luxurious botanical milk bath with our blend of enriched milk powders, skin softeners and aromatic essential oils that soften and pamper dry skin.  Gentle Goat Milk enriched powders keep your skin moisturized creating supple and touchable baby-soft skin. It’s beautiful rosy aroma is uplifting and balancing with artfully blended Arlys 100% Pure Essential Oils of Rose Geranium.

Packaged in a beautiful Cobalt Blue PET Container – 8 oz. - Includes a small seashell scoop.


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