Mandarin Melange-Aromatic Herbal Tea
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Rooibos Tea (pronounced roy-boss) is caffeine-free, less bitter than most teas, and has 50 times the antioxidants of green tea. The Rooibos Tea is blended with the zesty fruity flavor of Mandarin Orange rich in Vitamin A & C and the powerful antioxidant, Rose Hips (also known as Foods of the Gods), for a unique taste extravaganza. Sure to be one of your special flavors to savor!

Add a little honey or sweeten with one of our swizzle sticks.

Our loose teas are custom blended using the highest quality ingredients for exciting tastes and aromas.
Good brewed hot or cold.

Ingredients: Mandarin Orange Rooibos Tea with Rose Hips.

Mandarin Melange-2 oz. - $6.00
Mandarin Melange-4 oz. - $10.00
Mandarin Melange-8 oz. - $19.00
Mandarin Melange-16 oz. - $36.00
Mandarin Melange-White Gift Tin - 2 oz.- $13.00


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