Meyer Lemon (Citrus meyeri)
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Family: Rutaceae
Origin: USA
Process: Cold-pressed-Rind
Safety: May irritate sensitive skin. Photosensitive - do not use before going out in the sun or before using tanning beds.

Description:  Meyer Lemons are a variety of citrus that is hardy and easily grown in warm climates, such as Florida, California and Texas.  Apparently, this is a flavoring food item requested by many chefs due to its complex aromatic profile for their flavorful food and drink creations.  They seem to be turning up everywhere today and I’m always available to taste-test your lemon meringue or cupcake creations!

The citrus evergreen tree is cold-hardy, prolific and can reach 6-12 feet at maturity, although if grown in a container, it can be pruned smaller.  The leaves are dark green and shiny, with few thorns.  It’s fragrant flowers are white, similar to neroli, with a pink-purple base.  The fruit is yellow and rounder than a true lemon.  When ripe, the skin is fragrant and thin and the pulp has distinctive orange notes and its color a pale yellow-orange which can contain up to 12 seeds per fruit. The juice is much sweeter and less acidic than lemon.

The Meyer Lemon is a hybrid, possibly a lemon and mandarin orange or orange.  It was first introduced to the United States in 1908, by Frank N. Meyer, a U.S. Department of Agriculture explorer, who found it growing as an ornamental plant near Peking, China.

By the mid 1940s, the Meyer Lemon had become a staple citrus tree throughout Southern California, Florida and Texas.  It was discovered that a majority of the Meyer lemon trees being propagated were carriers of the virulent Tristeza Virus, a virus which had killed millions of citrus trees all over the world and rendered others useless for production.  After this finding, most of the Meyer lemon trees in the United States were destroyed to save other citrus trees. A virus-free selection was found in the 1950s by Four Winds Growers in California. This selection, named Improved Meyer Lemon, was certified and released by the University of California in 1975. Because of its popularity in south Texas, 'Meyer' lemon is known locally as Valley Lemon.

The aroma of the cold-pressed oil is softer, sweeter and more floral than that of lemon.  However, this oil does not smell like the fruit and juice of the meyer lemon, as this is from the rind.  The color is pale yellow-orange.  It’s properties are antimicrobial like lemon, and it contains the naturally occurring chemical, thymol, which gives thyme its flavor and powerful antiseptic and anti-fungal properties.


Product Application:
Essential oils should never be applied directly on the skin without diluting properly, usually blending with a carrier oil.


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