Glycerin, Vegetable (USP)
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Product Description

Botanical Name: Palm derived
Origin: Malaysia
Extraction- Isolated glycerol fats through Hydrolysis method
Aroma: Flat aroma, very sweet flavor resembling syrup.
Color: Clear.
Texture: Thick and sticky.
Shelf life- 1-2 years.

Notes: Vegetable Glycerine is a clear, colorless, and odorless liquid with an incredibly sweet taste having the consistency of thick syrup. It has long been used as a benign solvent, lubricant and preservative. Its sweet tasting, warming and edible and is also used in edible love oils. Glycerin is a humectant, drawing moisture to your skin, allowing it to remain hydrated and soft. It also enhances the spreadability of lotions and creams. Other uses of Glycerin include preserving fruit, cake and candy making, to lubricate molds and in clear soap. This variety of Glycerine is suitable for food and cosmetic use and is USP standard 99% (the rest is water) with no added stabilizers, preservatives and other ingredients. Soluble in both alcohol and water.

Vegetable glycerine comes to us through a very complex and sophisticated method of extraction known as Hydrolysis, and the end product that we refer to as "Vegetable Glycerine" is usually the by-product of another oils production. The basics of this system is that the fats and oils of a raw ingredient (usually palm or coconut oils) are split into crude glycerol fats, under the combined action of water, temperature and pressure. These temperatures can exceed 400° degrees and the material is usually kept under pressure for 20-30 minutes. What is actually occurring is a sort of "counter-flow" where the water absorbs glycerol from the fatty acid phase of the oil production. After this phase this glycerol is isolated and further distilled to give buyers a standard 99% Glycerine product.

2 oz. and 4 oz. packaged in Cobalt Blue PET Plastic Bottles.
8 oz. bottled in Frosted Clear Plastic Bottles.

Product Application:
Carrier oils, also referred to as base oils or vegetable oils, are used to dilute essential oils, CO2s and absolutes before applying to the skin. Each carrier oil offers different properties and the choice depends on the therapeutic benefit being sought. Unlike essential oils, carrier oils do not evaporate or impart their aroma as strongly as essential oils. However, they usually have a shorter shelf life and can be mixed with a natural preservative such as vitamin E or wheatgerm oil for longer storage. Carrier oils should be natural and preferably cold-pressed. This ensures that the therapeutic qualities remain in the oil and have not been damaged by heat or chemicals. People allergic to nuts should not use any nut-based oils.


Glycerin, Vegetable Oil- 2 oz. $7.75
Glycerin, Vegetable Oil- 4 oz. $9.25
Glycerin, Vegetable Oil-8 oz. $12.50



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