Nine Moons Women's Bliss Pre-Diluted Blend in Jojoba Oil-10 ml.
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Motherhood is a new and exciting time to enjoy your baby!

Sometimes moms can experience "postpartum baby blues" after childbirth, which commonly includes mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Baby blues typically begin within the first two to three days after delivery, and may last for up to two weeks.

Women’s Bliss™ is a pre-diluted blend in jojoba oil of Lavender-French High Altitude and Rose Otto-Bulgarian.  These are the Arlys Essential Oils used in a pilot study:  The effects of clinical aromatherapy for anxiety and depression in the high risk postpartum woman by Pam Conrad and Cindy Adams. Learn more here:

Avoid during pregnancy.
Good for postpartum and during early motherhood.

Women's Bliss - 10 ml. - $36.00


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