Natural Kids Care-Tummy Tamer Lotion-2 oz.
Product ID: NM717
Product Description

Nine Moons® Natural Kids Care™- Tummy Tamer™ is a clinical therapeutic blend for easing abdominal discomfort.  Made with 100% Pure Essential oils of Red Mandarin and Roman Chamomile artfully blended in Jojoba Lotion and packaged in a green PET plastic bottle with lotion pump.

Hi all - I'm Ginger!

Here's how to use Nine Moons® Natural Kids Care™- Tummy Tamer™ Lotion:

Massage 4-8 drops clockwise on abdomen as needed for discomfort and rest. Beneficial for colic and other tummy issues. Can also rub on bottom of feet.

External use only, never ingest.  Avoid contact with eyes or mouth and if asthmatic or allergic to contents.

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