St. Johns Wort Herbal Infused Oil (Fresh Flowers) (Hypericum perforatum)
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Botanical Name: Hypericum perforatum
Country of Origin:  USA
Method of Cultivation:  Organic
Plant Part:  Fresh Flowers
Infused In:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Caution:  St. John's Wort Oil may cause photosensitivity.
Users should avoid direct sunlight after application. External use only.

St. John’s Wort Herbal Infused Oil, (Hypericum perforatum), (also known as a macerated oil), has been used medicinally for centuries.  Topically used for many cosmetic applications and to help soothe general skin irritations such as minor wounds and burns, sunburns, bug bites, abrasions, bruises, contusions, ulcers, hemorrhoids, nerve pain, muscle aches and pains and many others.

This amazing oil is made by a gentle infusion of the fresh summer flowers in a base oil of extra virgin olive oil that produces a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic red to reddish brown colored oil which comes from the constituent “hypericin”.  St. Johns Wort oil is a good choice to create products such as creams, lotions, balms, salves, massage oils and numerous other specialty skin care products.  It’s properties are noted as antiviral, antioxidant, analgesic, astringent, antidepressant, cholagogue, and nervine. It’s also available in many herbal formulations such as teas, capsules and more.  

1 oz., 2 oz. and 4 oz. packaged in amber glass bottles.

St. Johns Wort Herbal Infused Oil - 1 oz.  -  $23.25
St. Johns Wort Herbal Infused Oil - 2 oz.  -  $39.00
St. Johns Wort Herbal Infused Oil - 4 oz.  -  $70.00


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