Radiant Rose Gift Set
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Rose Otto with its delicate sweet floral aroma and timeless beauty is the most
recognized flower and aroma in the world.  The ultimate symbol of femininity, love
and romance. 
From sonnets to all of life’s most cherished moments,
no other flower in history has maintained such a regal status.

Rose Otto is one of the most treasured and expensive of all essential oils.

Envelop yourself with its nurturing, uplifting and regenerative
properties, while helping to restore a sense of well-being.

 Our Radiant Rose Gift Set comes beautifully wrapped in a
botanical box 10.25”x 3.25”x 3.00” (box designs can change) and contains:

One (1) ml. of 100% Pure Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) and
One (4) ml. of Rose Geranium in Cobalt Blue Vials in Lace & Pearl Sachet–
”Rhapsody” Himalayan Pink & Caribbean Sea Bath Salts
 scented with Rose Otto, Sandalwood & Wild Orange

Rose-Bulgarian Hydrosol Spray – 5 ml.
Soft Kiss Votive in Burgundy Sachet
Sweet Desire Botanical Soap



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