Monarda (Monarda fistulosa) - Wild Bergamot or Bee Balm
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Product Description

Family: Lamiaceae ⁄ Labiatae – Mint family
Origin: Canada
Process: Steam-distilled-Flowering Herb

Description:  Monarda essential oil is steam-distilled from the Monarda fistulosa flowers.  This healing herb has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years.   Known as Wild Bergamot, Purple Bergamot, Bee Balm, Lavender Bee Balm, and Horsemint.   Native Americans used it as a steam inhalant for respiratory issues such as colds and headaches to soothing foot baths, as well are the dried leaves used in ceremonial smudge sticks.  Monarda’s properties are analgesic, anti-anxiety, antiviral, anti-infectious, antibacterial, antidepressant, antifungal and sedative.    Monarda is a relaxing oil and is chemically similar to the mild Thyme ct geraniol and like Bergamot has a calming sweet citrus-floral aroma.

The essential oil consists mainly of geraniol, linalool, Neral, nerol, geranial, among others.

Uses include diffusers, bath and body products, skin care products, massage and spa treatment oils and creams.


Product Application:
Essential oils should never be applied directly on the skin without diluting properly, usually blending with a carrier oil.

Monarda (Wild Bergamot-Bee Balm)    - 2 ml. -         $15.00
Monarda (Wild Bergamot-Bee Balm)    - 5 ml. -         $24.00
Monarda (Wild Bergamot-Bee Balm)    - 10 ml. -       $41.00
Monarda (Wild Bergamot-Bee Balm)    - 15 ml. -       $59.00
Monarda (Wild Bergamot-Bee Balm)    – 1 oz. -          $109.00

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