Copaiba Balsam (Copaifera langsdorfii)
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Origin: South America
Family: Fabaceae
Process: Steam-distilled-Resin

Description:   Copaiba Balsam commonly known as Copaifera langsdorfii, Copaifera officinalis and Copaifera reticulata. Some common names are Jesuit’s balsam, para balsam, copaiva, cobeni, aceite de palo, and pau-de-oleo. The tree grows wild in South American up to 60 feet where the resin is collected naturally without harming any of the trees.  They produce many small, white flowers on long panicles and small fruit pods with 2-4 seeds inside. There are 35 species of Copaifera, found mainly in tropical South America (particularly in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Guyana, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela). Several different species are used as traditional medicines interchangeably: C. langsdorfii is found mostly in the cerrados of central Brazil, C. reticulata is indigenous to the Amazon region, and C. officinalis occurs widely throughout South America, including the Amazon. All three varieties are used interchangeably.

The essential oil is steam-distilled from the resin which produces an oil with a mild, slighty sweet woody odor.  Long used for healing wounds, ulcers, hemmorhoids, diarrhea and other intestinal issues, as well as respiratory issues and good for general joint and muscle pain.


Product Application:
Essential oils should never be applied directly on the skin without diluting properly, usually blending with a carrier oil.

Copaiba Balsam - 5 ml. -     $10.20

Copaiba Balsam - 10 ml. -   $15.90
Copaiba Balsam - 15 ml. -   $20.70
Copaiba Balsam - 1 oz. -     $34.80
Copaiba Balsam - 2 oz. -     $63.30


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