Fir, Douglas (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
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Origin: Canada
Family: Pinaceae
Process: Steam-distilled- Needles

Description: Douglas-Fir is a huge and stately evergreen conifer, the largest member of the pine family and the tallest recorded in Oregon is 329 feet. The leaves are flat and needle-like. The female cones are pendulous, with persistent scales, and are distinct in having a long three-pointed bract that protrudes prominently above each scale. Not a true Fir (Abies sp.) but more closely related to Spruce, Hemlock. Pseudotsuga means "false hemlock"; they differ from the true hemlocks (Tsuga) in having hanging, rather than erect, cones.

The aroma is a fresh, crisp woodland pine scent, making it an excellent choice for room fresheners. The Douglas-Fir is also the most common Christmas tree in the U.S., as well as being important in the timber industry for its strength and resistance to decay.

The essential oil contains beta-alpha-pinene, myrcene, terpinolene, limonene, citronellyl acetate, borneo acetate, and linalool, among others.

Generally, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing. Can irritate skin or mucous membranes through undiluted use. Not for internal use. Its use while pregnant is not recommended.


Product Application:
Essential oils should never be applied directly on the skin without diluting properly, usually blending in a carrier oil.


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