Bergamot BF (Citrus bergamia)
Product ID: EO5
Product Description

Family: Rutaceae
Origin: Italy
Process: Cold Pressed-Rind
(Bergaptene Free)

Description: Expressed from the peel of this small tree, its sweet citrus scent is refreshing and uplifting. This oil is safe FCF grade and is bergapten-free.

The essential oil consists mainly of linalyl actetate, linalool, nerol, and other alcohols, sesquisterpenes, among others.

Special Note: When using Bergamot essential oil that is not bergapten free, sunlight and tanning lights should be avoided as they can cause extreme skin sensitivity (photo-sensitizer).


Product Application:
Essential oils should never be applied directly on the skin without diluting properly, usually blending with a carrier oil.


Bergamot BF-5 ml. -    $11.85
Bergamot BF-10 ml. -  $20.10
Bergamot BF-15 ml. -  $27.00
Bergamot BF-1 oz. -    $47.55
Bergamot BF-2 oz. -    $88.80



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