Turmeric (Curcuma longa)
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Origin:  India
Zingiberaceae (Ginger family)
Process:  Steam distilled – Rhizome

Safety:  The ketone “tumerone” is moderately toxic and irritant in high concentrations.
Use in small dilutions on the skin, baths and massage oils.  Avoid during pregnancy.


Turmeric, also known as Indian Saffron or curcuma, is a perennial plant with thick rhizome roots or tubers and belongs to the ginger family.  It is a deep orange on the inside and has roots about 2 feet long.  Flowers can be white or purple.

The ground roots of turmeric, a common household spice, is used for making curry powders and the color of the bright yellow mustards.  The bright yellow color of turmeric is due to curcumin.  It is high in vitamins, minerals, especially Vitamin C.  It is used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian medicine for bruises, sores, ringworm, toothache, shoulder pain, chest pains, liver disorders, colic and menstrual problems. 

The essential oil is steam distilled from the roots and produces a yellowish-orange to red liquid.  The scent has a spicy-woody  aroma similar to ginger.  The essential oil does stain so keep this in mind when applying to skin and/or clothing.  Also a source of orange and yellow dyes for silk and wool, and traditional coloring for the robes of Buddhist monks.

The essential oil contains tumerone, ar. turmerone, limonene, zingiberone, 1,8 cineole, a-phellandrene, sabinene and borneol,  among others. 


Product Application:
Essential oils should never be applied directly on the skin without diluting properly, usually blending with a carrier oil.

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