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4 ml. (1 Dram) Cobalt Glass with Black Phenolic Cap and Orifice Reducer
10 ml. Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle
15 ml. Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle
30 ml. Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle
1 oz. Cobalt Blue Glass with Fine Mist Sprayer
Cobalt Blue 10 ml. Glass Roll-On Bottle with White Cap

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Essential Oil of the Month

Rose de Mai Absolute
(Rosa centifolia)

The aroma of Rose de Mai Absolute has an
alluring soft, rosy aroma - which is the ultimate
in femininity. Throughout history, especially on
the topic of love, Rose oil has been used as an
aphrodisiac (sensual elixir) by men and women
 for intimacy issues. It is a very soothing and
uplifting oil for times of stress, depression,
anxiety, tension, grief, loss, anger and panic
for both men and women. An excellent skin
rejuvenator-beneficial for most types of skin. 

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