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SUNFLOWER SEED OIL (Hi-Oleic) (Helianthus annuss)
$7.80 $6.24
Orange, Blood (Citrus sinensis)
$5.00 $4.00
Spruce-Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)
$6.00 $4.80
Utopia Synergy - 4 ml. and 10 ml. sizes
$16.00 $12.80
Essential Oil Inhaler-Diffuser with Refillable Glass Bottle
$9.95 $7.95
Paradise Virgin Coconut Sugar Body Polish - 9 oz.
$32.00 $25.60
Peppermint (Mentha x. piperita)
$5.00 $4.00
Grapefruit, Ruby Red (Citrus paradisi)
$5.00 $4.00
Lavender (Lavandula officinalis)
$6.00 $4.80
White Feather Lavender Sunshine Body Butter - 8 oz.
$30.00 $24.00
White Feather Dreamy Silky Body Powder
$19.00 $15.20
Wild Citrus Kiss Botanical Soap
$7.99 $6.99
Perfumes, Splashes and Colognes
$14.95 $11.95
Essential Oil Case-Blue Ocean Spirit-Large
$42.00 $33.60
Essential Oil Case-Blue Ocean Spirit-Small Travel Size
$32.00 $25.60
Peace-Pai Mu Tan White Tea
$13.00 $10.40
Island Bamboo Flower Fragrance Oil
$8.50 $6.80
Diffuser Fragrance Reeds - Natural
$2.60 $2.08

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Essential Oil of the Month

(Citrus sinensis)

A tart and lively citrus scent that is extremely uplifting.  It’s aroma
“blooms” whether used alone
or in blends. A perfect oil for
the diffuser. Similar uses to
Sweet Orange such as issues
with stress, anxiety, depression,
insomnia, colds, bronchitis and
fever.  Beneficial for congested
skin, dry skin, and wrinkles. 
Children love its “sweet”
 recognizable citrus aroma!

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