Our Mission

Arlys® Naturals is dedicated, inspired, and passionate about providing 100% pure essential oils and absolutes sourced from around the world. Along with high quality botanicals, our own natural skin care lines, and supplies, we strive to offer competitive pricing with friendly, customer service. Our commitment to quality and your complete satisfaction is at the forefront of each product. We continually aim beyond expectations as we build a network of resources, relationships, and individuals within our holistic community in a mutually supportive environment with education and respect.

Who We Are

David and I (Susan) have been married business partners since 1988. He is originally from Pittsburgh and I am a native Florida "Southern" girl. We first met as musicians, then merged into a family-owned and operated business. Since then we have been fortunate to work and play together in South Florida. David is happiest in his shop building anything with wood or metal, riding his vintage motorcycles, or just kicking back and playing banjo with family or friends. He's our "Go-to Guru" with the unflinching spirit of an adventurer and the one with a thousand ideas and solutions. As for myself, I prefer the solace of books, music, and photography. I'm happiest being creative on paper through song or writing/researching numerous articles on aromatherapy. I love creating aromatic blends with essential oils whether for Arlys® Naturals product lines, for fun, or for customer special orders. I'm just drawn into the veil of mystery that nature has provided through these living plants, not just in their aromatic properties, but also their natural healing properties. 




The Name

Most people think "Arlys" is my name or that the company is named after the city of Arles in France. Actually, ARLYS was named in memory of my mother, Jean. Simply - it was her middle name. Her love of Florida, the ocean, and flowers remains steadfast with us today. I'm sure I must have inherited her passion for the sweet aromas in the orange groves, the salty fresh ocean air, and the lingering dampness just after a rainstorm. These treasured memories are what drew me into the world of essential oils, natural skin care, and further study into all facets of aromatherapy.

lavenderfield.jpgWhat We Do



In 2000, Arlys® Naturals entered the vast and rocky road of internet businesses as an online essential oil and aromatherapy company. Since that time, it's been a "hang on to your hat" arena as we've wrangled with pixels, dot coms, and more blue screens than I dare to recount. This is with the hopes of bringing your online searches about aromatherapy and pure essential oils with us to be a pleasant and rewarding experience while shopping. We have had the opportunity to travel extensively and source many materials direct from small artisans, farms, and distilleries, having met many lasting friends along this path, and have expanded our continual quest for knowledge. As an International Aromatherapist and Consultant, I've had the opportunity to study with Dr. Daniel Penoel, Dr. Kurt Schnabelt, and Robbie Zeck, ND, among the beautiful lavender fields in Provence, France. That was truly an amazing, magical, immeasurable experience! Touching the lives of people through the complementary therapy known as "aromatherapy," especially cancer patients, is definitely personally rewarding.  It is our intention to emphasize the delight and pleasures of Aromatherapy by increasing your knowledge and awareness of the physical and psychological benefits of essential oils. To us, it is a lifestyle that we're delighted to share with our friends, family, and customers.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Whether you are a professional seeking quality products and information or a consumer wishing to gain a comfort level with the use of essential oils for your personal well-being, we're only a mouse click or phone call away - right here to help and encourage you. 

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the "Age of Arlys®"
where science and nature work in harmony. 

A Celebration of Nature's Gifts – Life Treasures & Daily Balance!


  • National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy - NAHA - South Florida Director
  • The Natural Perfumer's Guild
  • The American Herb Association
  • United Plant Savers
  • National Association of Music Merchants

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Essential Oil of the Month

Marjoram-Sweet (True)
(Origanum marjorana)

Its warm, citrusy-peppery aroma also soothes
muscular aches and pains.  Beneficial for
whooping cough, flu, headaches, bruises,
rheumatism, sprains, insomnia, indigestion
and menstrual cramps.

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