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Mandarin, Red (Citrus reticulata)
Mandarin, Red (Citrus reticulata)

* (Sizes) Mandarin-Red


Family: Rutaceae
Origin: Italy
Process: Cold-pressed-Peel
Safety: May be photosensitive - do not use prior to or just after exposure to sun or tanning lights.

Description: This delicate oil, with its sweet floral/citrusy scent, is a good oil for everyone and safe for children and the elderly. It is used extensively in perfumery and as a flavoring.

The essential oil contains geraniol, citral, citronellal, methyl anthranilate and limonene, among others.


Product Application:
Essential oils should never be applied directly on the skin without diluting properly, usually blending with a carrier oil.

Mandarin, Red - 1 ml. -   $7.00 - Sample
Mandarin, Red - 2 ml. -   $9.00
Mandarin, Red - 4 ml. -   $11.10
Mandarin, Red - 10 ml. - $18.30
Mandarin, Red - 15 ml. - $24.30
Mandarin, Red - 1 oz.   - $41.55
Mandarin, Red - 2 oz.   - $83.10


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