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About Fragrance Oils
About Fragrance Oils

Difference between a Fragrance Oil and an Essential Oil?

Fragrance Oils are used as an alternative choice for fragrances that are more costly or unattainable in natural form.  Fragrance Oils do not have any therapeutic qualities as they are synthetically processed oils used to scent a variety of products. 

About Fragrance Oils:

All of the Fragrance Oils we carry are Manufacturer’s Grade oils. This means that Fragrance Oils (synthetic scents) are in a pure highly concentrated form meant for dilution in a base product and should never be used directly on the skin undiluted.

They contain no Dipropylene Glycol, Diethyl Phthalates (DEP), alcohol, or other cheap diluents. They must first be added to products such as soaps, candles lotions, bubble bath, shampoo, create perfumes, or to a fixed oil (jojoba oil, sweet almond, etc.). No additional or artificial coloring is added. They are highly fragrant oils that will yield a long lasting aroma with clear bold notes. They are an alternative choice for fragrances that are more costly or unattainable in natural form. They are not in any way essential oils. Fragrance oils are not to be used for lip balm purposes.

We do not test Fragrance Oils. Since Fragrance Oils are proprietary ingredients, we can only list the information we have been supplied. Fragrance Oils cannot be returned once they have been shipped so we suggest you try a one ounce sample size first. We are not responsible for any allergies, headaches and the like due to scented oils or essential oils. Sensitivity is individual to each person. All Fragrance Oils are shipped via ground service only.

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