Solace Synergy- 5 ml., 10 ml. and Roll-On Sizes

SolaceSynergy is a soft, calming aroma which is beneficial for stress and anxiety issues. Stress and anxiety can be a daily struggle for some, so this lovely blend with its soothing essential oils can help you find comfort in your daily routine. This also makes for a calming, relaxing bath and massage.

Artfully blended with 100% pure essential oils of Mandarin-Red, Palo santo, Bergamot BF, Coriander Seed & Lavender-Bulgarian.

Arlys® Essential Oil Synergies are bottled in 5 ml. and 10 ml. Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles. 
Some Arlys® Synergies are also available in blends in a Cobalt blue Roll-On Glass Bottle.

Our synergies and diffusers always make for a unique gift idea.

Not to be taken internally or applied directly to the skin.

Keep out of reach of children & pets.


5 ml. - $26.00
10 ml. - $50.00
Roll-On - 10 ml. in Oil - $36.00


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