Essential Oil Inhaler-Diffuser with Refillable Glass Bottle

Carry your personal scent or synergy anytime, anywhere with this elegant but sleek personal portable essential oil inhaler-diffuser. It slips easily into your pocket, purse or gym bag for all your travels and holds its scent for months. Just remove cap and inhale.

They have a removable glass bottle.  Add the single essential oil or your favorite blend to the wick, insert in the glass and screw into the metal cap.   To change the scent, just remove the wick and insert a new one.  Refresh with your essential oils anytime.  We now have Replacement Inhaler Wicks (AD6i) that can be purchased in a package of 12.

We also carry replacement glass vials, wicks and caps (Item #AD6g) in our Diffuser-Replacement Parts Section.

Please sure to check our Synergies page and our Essential Oil pages for your needs.

Red, Aqua, Cobalt Blue, Magenta - Glossy