De-Stress Lavender Neroli Herbal Tea Bath - Set of 2

Tension?  Anxiety? 

Arlys® De-Stress Herbal Tea Bath is just what you need as you allow the aromatic scent of Neroli and Lavender-English banish the stresses of the day!

Blended with organic botanical Lavender buds, Calendula flowers, orange peel powder, silk peptide powder and Lavender-English, Neroli and Petitgrain essential oils.

Packaged in a beautiful Lavender Organza Pouch with two disposable 3 x 5 Bath Teas.

Directions:  Add 1 disposable tea bath to water while running a warm bath.  Relax and enjoy 15-20 minutes.  Discard tea bag after bath.

Additional uses for herbal bath teas:
Don’t have time for a full bath? Use as a foot bath;
Use as a cool or warm compress for the temples, neck area, etc.


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