ARLYS Aromas To Go Starter Kit

Our ARLYS® Aromas To Go™ Starter Kit introduces you to the aromatic world of essential oils with the most common essential oils to start with.

Each ARLYS® Aromas To Go™ Starter Kit includes:

  • Aromatherapy Recipe Card;
  • Five (5) Essential Oils in Cobalt Blue Bottles (5 ml. each):
    Eucalyptus globulus;
    Lavender officinalis;
    Geranium asperum;
    Peppermint and;
    Sweet Orange;
  • 1 ounce of Jojoba Carrier Oil;
  • 6 Plastic Pipettes;
  • 1 empty 5 ml. Cobalt Blue Bottle for mixing your own blend.

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