Nine Moons Dreamy Nights Pre-Diluted Blend in Jojoba Oil-10 ml.


Dreamy Nights™ is a pre-diluted blend in jojoba oil of Lavender-French High Altitude, Roman Chamomile & Ylang Ylang for a calming, soothing, Dreamy Night’s™ sleep.

Need something to help relax and renew when you finally find the time?

Just like babies, Mom’s bodies can get off schedule too.  Loving their new role as a Mom doesn’t take away from the magnitude of trying to get chores, feedings, and sleep deprivation under control.

As adults we all need 7-8 hours sleep to function in our daily lives, but as bleary-eyed new Moms, that’s just not the case in reality.

Avoid during pregnancy.
Good for postpartum and during early motherhood.

Dreamy Nights - 10 ml. - $22.00


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