Plum Crazy Fragrance Oil
Product ID: AFO51
Product Description

If you're wild about plums, then this scent will drive you Plum Crazy! Top notes of plums and berries with a soft earthy undertone.

Not sure of the scent - try our 1 oz. first.

Product Application:
Our 1, 2 and 4 oz. Fragrance Oils are packaged in clear glass bottles with black bulb glass droppers.

8 oz. is packaged in plastic bottle.

Plum Crazy F.O. - 1 oz. $6.50
Plum Crazy F.O. - 2 oz. $9.50
Plum Crazy F.O. - 4 oz. $16.00
Plum Crazy F.O. - 8 oz. $24.00
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