Lavender-English (Lavandula angustifolia)

Origin: England
Family: Labiatae
Process: Steam-distilled-Flowering Tops

Description: Did you know there are over 200 varieties of lavender and 28 different species? When I smelled this English Lavender, I just had to add it to our collection for its soft sweet scent. English Lavender is a hardy lavender and the richly scented flower spikes make for fragrant, long lasting bouquets or sachets. Of course, the most popular form of lavender is the essential oil, used in cosmetics and for its calming or antiseptic properties, however flowers can also be made into a tea to help with sleeplessness, irritability, headaches, depression, digestion, and asthma.

The essential oil contains over 100 constituents including linalyl acetate, linalool, lavandulol, lavanduyl acetate, limonene, cineol, terpineol, among others.


Product Application:
Essential oils should never be applied directly on the skin without diluting properly, usually blending with a carrier oil.

Lavender, English - 5 ml.          $13.50
Lavender, English - 10 ml.        $24.75
Lavender, English - 15 ml.        $36.00
Lavender, English - 1 oz.          $67.50
Lavender, English - 2 oz.          $137.25


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