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Premier Leather Banjo Strap
$47.95 $36.00
Softy Leather Banjo Strap
$39.95 $29.95
Premier Deluxe Padded Leather Banjo Strap
$65.95 $49.50
Softy Deluxe Padded Leather Banjo Strap
$59.95 $44.95
Premier Leather Dobro Strap
$49.95 $37.50
Softy Leather Dobro Strap
$41.95 $31.50
Premier Deluxe Padded Leather Dobro Strap
$67.95 $50.95
Softy Deluxe Padded Leather Dobro Strap
$59.95 $44.95
Premier Leather Mandolin Strap
$22.50 $16.95
Softy Leather Mandolin Strap
$19.99 $14.99
Tyler Mountain BS300BK Nylon Banjo Strap
$12.99 $9.75
Tyler Mountain BS400WOV Hootenanny Woven Banjo Strap
$13.99 $10.50
Tyler Mountain GS200BK Nylon Guitar Strap-Black
$9.99 $7.50
Tyler Mountain GS210WOV Hootenanny Woven Guitar Strap
$12.99 $9.75
Tyler Mountain GSC300BK Classical Guitar and Ukulele Nylon Strap-Black
$9.99 $7.50

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Essential Oil of the Month

(Jasminum grandiflorum)

Jasmine – Rich, exotic, sweet white
flower clusters that release its fragrant
scent at night and embodies all things
romantic.  Helps boost confidence,
relaxing and uplifting for stress and
anxiety issues and depression. Helps
 to soothe a headache. As a known
aphrodisiac, Jasmine is widely used
in many love potions and perfumes
for its sensual warming  properties.

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